Specialty Items

Some of our other products include, but are not limited to:

Aviation Fabrication & Welding Products (heliarc, weld chamber, inert atmosphere-titanium, aluminum, inconel, stainless steel, etc., to customer specifications)

Bare Boards, Battery Assemblies Cable Assemblies Leather Products (radio cases, pepper spray cases, cell phone cases, ammunition cases, holsters, belts, etc., to customer specifications)

Multi-Layer Bond Sheet Metal Fabrication, to customer specifications Stuffing

This is a partial list of the military, industrial, and commercial specifications and standards that our products adhere to.
ANSI: B16.24, B16.5 ASTM: B-61 BU-SHIPS: 545-1856518, 810-1385714, 810-1385721, 810-1385866, 810-1385789, 810-2145801, 810-4384536, 810-5001003 MIL: C-39024 Series, F-20042 150#, 250#, 400#, F-206570 B-110, T-55155 Series, V-1189, V-2042D, V-18110, V-17737, V-22052, V-22094, V-24509 MS: 25036 Series, 39087-1 Thru 39087-6 NAS: 1786 Series, 1829 Series, 1830 Series, 1831 Series NEMA: 1 -3R -4 -4X -12

As well as many more...