Leather Case for Otterbox

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This case is made of full grain black cowhide to provide a safe way to carry your cellphone.  This model is designed to hold an Otterbox case with an Iphone. (We build what people ask for)

The steel belt clip provides quick removal but high security on the belt.

A “quick-disconnect swivel” is also available.  (Steel of course)  There is a steel stud on the back of the case that mates with the steel belt loop bracket.  The case is attached by inverting it and sliding it into the bracket.  It is then rotated upright and securely locked into place. 

Removal is by inverting the case and lifting it out.

A positive lock dome snap will keep the flap closed and provides an audible ‘click’ when opened or closed.

The leather is 8 ounce (1/8″ thick) and the sides are double thickness to guard against impact.

This case is designed for tradesmen, police, fire, EMS and meant for heavy duty use.

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Steel Swivel, Spring Clip