About Us

OMS is a value added manufacturer of carrying solutions for business and industry.

We specialize in manufacturing leather, nylon and plastic products for industrial and security applicatons.  When off-the-shelf products aren’t suitable we can manufacture cases, belts, covers, or similar items to meet specific needs.

Founded in 1985, OMS  developed our own leather finishing group to meet the extreme needs of law enforcement agencies.

Extreme durability is required for today’s modern radio communications.  As the cost of the radios increased with the features added, it became more clear that the carrying case was a major part of the officer’s equipment along with their radio.

We have developed a finish that passes the most severe abrasion test in the industry, yet has the cushioning of heavy leather.

When a major law enforcement agency asked us for even more protection, we developed a line  of thermoplastic cases that more than doubled the effective protection of the radio.  Most of those original cases are still in service after 20 years.